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Mount Bidara.

Very interesting mountain, is to the left of the resort. You can get to it either through the fields through the fields, or if the lifts on Mount Sadzele are working then it will go down to the left under the right peak of the Bidar mountain, and along the ridge it will go up or to the middle and traverse to the saddle which is in the middle of the ridge, Ilbo will rise to the top and already from there with good snow conditions and a minimum avalanche danger to start down.

When you descend, you will find an average slope, passing into a more flat valley and coming straight to the road where the car will wait for you.

The Milioni valley.

This is the next gorge after Kobe Back which will take you directly to the village of Kobi.

Here, as in many places, there will first be a steeper slope at the start, passing into a more sloping wide valley overlooking the Kazbek mountain. Descent will be with a different relief and quality of snow, depends on where and how the wind was walking.)

Before starting, it is necessary to check the avalanche danger in this place. Since the region is large as all other places here, and very close to each other can be places with different avalanche danger. Only a trained person who knows these places can correctly assess them.


A very popular place among guides and well-riding people.

This is more of a wall with ridges, which resembles a little reliefs of Alaska. Very interesting place with lots of ridges. It is located in the gorge Milioni, but to get to it you need to go further along the ridge.

To skate well on these ridges you need to know the weather history, and the history of snowfalls, as well as periodically check this place. As there is windy weather and blows everything out everywhere in concrete.

On these ridges, a higher slope, which obliges you to be more prepared in terms of the technique of riding, the availability of avalanche equipment (anywhere in any places of freeride), as well as if you will be with guide who knows these places.

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Mount Miketi.

Very beautiful mountain with a diverse relief. Located on the other side of the gorge from Gudauri. From the resort it is very well seen. and you can evaluate your opportunities looking at it.

Skitur and avalanche equipment is mandatory.

To start climbing it, you need to go down the gorges of Aragvi and then move upwards already in the gorge. First you need to go up from the bottom of the gorge to the plateau that is located under the mountain, and then from there will still climb up the mountainside to the saddle on the left side. Then you can start already from there, or else climb up the ridge as close to the top as possible.

And already at the top, assessing the avalanche danger to choose the safest place for descent.

The place is very beautiful both in its beauty and in quality of skiing.

Gudauri region features.

Gudauri ski resort is located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, illuminated by shining sunlight all day long. Gudauri is the youngest and most promising ski resort in the Caucasus. Unique natural terrain provides great opportunities for back country skiing. There are a few lifts with many options for skiing. Main pistes are groomed with snow cats, but alongside the pistes there are wide and wild snow fields which make the local slopes a paradise for freeriders.



Around the resort there is a lot of amazing terrain for back country and heliskiing. Here it is very popular to fly to the top of the mountain by helicopter, which enables one to reach the closest slopes and the most distant peaks in one day, including the luxurious snow fields of Cross Pass. Currently, the resort is actively developing, and annually new private mini-hotels and cottages and new pistes emerge. Gudauri’s ski season starts unusually early–snow cover lasts from November to May, and normally reaches 2 meters thick on the slopes.

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Mount Dedaena.

Requires skitour, avalanche equipment.

It is also a very beautiful place, from the top of which opens a unique view of the Caucasus, Gudauri resort, Kazbek city.

To start climbing, you must first reach the Cross Pass by car, and then see the entrance to the valley that leads to the top of Dadaena Mountain.

Well, those who will be well prepared advised to go to the ridge and enjoy the beautiful views, drink a seagull, bite, restore strength and choosing the point of start to go this beautiful place.

During the descent, there will be different gradients and a relief, which can be estimated even with a lift and for earlier to understand in which places it is best to drive at a given time.


Accommodation options: Hotels, Apartments, Guest Houses.

racha, rachafreeride, gudauri, svanetia, georgia
racha, rachafreeride, gudauri, svanetia, georgia
racha, rachafreeride, gudauri, svanetia, georgia
racha, rachafreeride, gudauri, svanetia, georgia

The price includes:

Mountain guide, Avalanche instructions and training, Transportation, Photo/Video shooting, Breakfast +Dinner, Accommodation.

  • Time on the route: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m


Prices: Contact for information (Depends from group size and number of days)

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